acenaspheru (acenaspheru) wrote in paranime,

cosplay pics!

^^ Some of these are of me, some are of costumes I liked and some are from the group of Yugioh characters I was hanging out with. It was just too cool. audience 1 audience 2 marik +ra marik = bakura mai 1 pikabellchu serenity unknown but really cool queen serenity unknown but cool won best of show cosplay second pic of above, wind tunnels were interesting bakura = marik ^^ said cool people I got to hang out with

send me to the shadow realm

good vs. evil mai

*dies* the hairy eye ball as they call it. for some reason i just crack up when people look at me like that. ^^ i kept attacking him instead of yami yugi. and after i stepped on his cape he chased me with the millennium rod, but Luna stepped in and saved me...i know this is starting to sound like a bad cross over...

^^ and then i'll also post these on Diviant art later. ja!

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