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Fallen into Seduction

I've been listening to Nox Arcana again. Darklore Mannor to be exact. It's this creepy ass cd that always gives me these screwed up poemish mini fics. since i get flamed on fictionpress i'll post here to see what you think. i like to think of these little creations to be plots in bud. given prper nurishment they may oneday bloom into beautiful black roses fit for the best horror movie soundstage. as the tital suggests i don't have any idea how far into what this is going to go so i'm puting it under a cut just in case, you have been forwarned. x posted in maya_akenasferu




        He slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt and let it slide from his shoulders and drop to the floor. She lay before him, completely naked and helpless tangled in black satin sheets. Her hair fell over her breasts in long silky waves. She reached out her arms to him, eyes sparkling emeralds. Her perfect body arched up to greet his, welcoming his touch. She closed her eyes with a contented sigh and as he began to make love to her, giant black feathered wings unfurled from his back, arching far above his head. He leaned down to her, provoking a soft moan as he kissed her neck. He held her thin frame tightly in his muscular arms and with each tentative kiss he laid upon her tender neck, he fought his primal urge with all his strength. He was a Halfling...cursed to forever wander in darkness. He pillaged from farms and killed cattle to feed his evil thirst and at first it had worked. But then he met her and his urges were uncontrollable. She had made him feel human again. Each night in her arms gave him more hope but as morning would fall he would be cast back into the shadows, only to awaken with a blood lust to be rivaled only by a true creature of the night. He knew it was her blood that he wanted and finally he decided to take it. Now as he had her tightly in his arms he closed his eyes and sank razor sharp fangs into the hallow of her throat. But she seemed unaffected and he watched in horror as the wound closed without so much as a drop of blood. He looked into her eyes and when she smiled he saw that she was like him. She smiled chillingly at him and he gave in, losing them both in blind passion. When it was over he pulled his clothes back on and stood next to her, staring down at the sleeping form. ‘You are truly like me...fallen into seduction by a creature inhumanly perfect yet innocently flawed. Did he take you the way she took me?’ As day broke she opened her eyes and glanced over at him as he lay still beside her. “Are you ready?” He nodded and took her hand as she stood. It was only as she slipped back into her flowing white gown that he noticed the tears in the back. Together they spread their wings and lifted into the air. “Now we must pay for our sins.” She nodded silently and as they flew through the large clock face and plummeted towards the earth, they locked one last time in a fiery kiss as they were turned to ashes. All that remained of the two lovers were a black feather and a loch of ebony hair, alone in a clock tower that no one would ever find.            




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