maya_akenasferu (maya_akenasferu) wrote in paranime,

your hostess with a new lj

and just for amusment, a really weird dream i had sometime last year.

I was a male albino rattlesnake that turned human. I was about fifteen and I had a little brother about nine. The humans took a path through rushing water in an underground cavern that had been built by my owner. There was the carving of Buddha on one of the walls. My younger brother turned human too and we lived in a room with other snake-humans. We had a nice teacher who was dressed in a dark suit. My brother and I started to play fight and he balled up his fist and when he shook it, it rattled. The teacher told us, almost laughingly, that it was okay to play fight and it taught very good instincts. When we were human we were dressed in 1840’s type shirts and dress pants. I was only allowed to be a human in that room and when I went up into the basement everything was upside down to me because of the angle that the room below it was built. Twice I saw other albino snakes being lead by a woman in a suit. I said excuse me, she smiled and apologized for being in my way and moved past me so I could get down (from my angle) the stairs.
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