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^^ Since only one person guess, and got it correctly, genie_lorene won our first contest. Story number one was completely true. So, here is your prize, i hope you like!


My grandmother has worked in an old thrift store for around six years. When I started working there off and on durring the first summer, many strange things happened, including having to search the store for a nameless blond woman whom no one saw come in or leave. A clown doll, six feet tall and forty pounds, moved by it's selfe, turning to look into the room behind it and then back at the door it stood in front of at the top of a staircase in the wearhouse *it has since been removed and no one is sure how it moved. on many occasions we would leave it in one position and when we came back it would be facing another. As this doll was so heavy, it required two people to move it and only employees are allowed in the wear house, but no one is allowed on the stairs with the exception of the junior league and the manager who was almost never there.* But perhaps the oddist and only event that took place in front of more than two people was what started it. Saturday morning nine fifteen. we're due to open in fifteen. My grandmother, two emplyees, the manager, and myself were sitting in the break room right off the wear house talking. sepperating the wearhouse from the break room are two swinging doors, the top half of which is glass. the door into the ally *the one the clown faces* is deadbolted, no one is in the store as we aren't open yet. suddenly it's drawn to my attention by the woman i was talking to was the sound of heavy boots, pacing in a circle just outside the door. even after we were aware of the sound it didn't stop. to this day we are not sure what caused it, and it's never happened again. six people witnessed it and none of us can say for sure what it was. oftin i've caught glimpses of a tall figure following me up to the door, and most of the time it feels as though you're being watched in there. even the women who work for the company who own this building will not comment on why they suddenly stopped working at night.

as for the other two, The second is based on a weekend i spent in Ceader Key, though there are numerous b&bs on the island today. while the island was temporarily sunk by a hurricane in the late sixties, i have not heard of a ghost haunting the particular hotel we were staying in. down the road however there is a very old one that has had complaints about verious things souch as cold spot, foot steps, and children playing where there were none. being a very curious and talkative ten year old i was invited to come back that night and read up on the history of the island and the hotel. unfortunatly the haunted  room was occupied so i was unable to get pictures.

savanah. I was six the first time i visited and came home with a ghost. who currently still resides with me, though he's been quiet these last few years. I was fifteen or sixteen the last time i went and while i did buy a white rose around the corner from union cemtary, i did not meet a mysterious woman in victorian pjs. ;-p the necklace i spoke of was baught in an antique store about a year before that. the give away in that story was that union was closed to burrial in the 40s. keep an eye out for the next contest and good luck in the future!



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AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thanks! My very own mandala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^^ glad you like it.