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True or false?

Okay, I'm throwing a little contest. I am going to post three stories here. one is true, and the other two are not. If you can pick out which is the true story I will do one of three things.
1. make an icon of your choice from any anime or manga except hentai(only rule is that you have to provide the original pic as my anime's are reletivly small.*
2. Write a fan fic from any of the following anime with any pairing or genre of your choice, rated pg13 or lower.

Yami no Matsuei 
Vampire Princess Miyu
Demon Diary
Ah My Goddess
Shamanic Princess
Sailor Moon

3. draw a fan art *character front profile only, I still can't draw anything from the side.* from any of the above anime.


So here are the stories. you will have one week to reply. copy and past the following and then type in the answers.

story number that was true:
if correct what reward?   

have fun and good luck!



My grandmother has worked in an old thrift store for around six years. When I started working there off and on durring the first summer, many strange things happened, including having to search the store for a nameless blond woman whom no one saw come in or leave. A clown doll, six feet tall and forty pounds, moved by it's selfe, turning to look into the room behind it and then back at the door it stood in front of at the top of a staircase in the wearhouse. But perhaps the oddist and only event that took place in front of more than two people was what started it. Saturday morning nine fifteen. we're due to open in fifteen. My grandmother, two emplyees, the manager, and myself were sitting in the break room right off the wear house talking. sepperating the wearhouse from the break room are two swinging doors, the top half of which is glass. the door into the ally *the one the clown faces* is deadbolted, no one is in the store as we aren't open yet. suddenly it's drawn to my attention by the woman i was talking to was the sound of heavy boots, pacing in a circle just outside the door. even after we were aware of the sound it didn't stop. to this day we are not sure what caused it, and it's never happened again. six people witnessed it and none of us can say for sure what it was.


Since I was a very young child strange things have happened around me. By far the strangest of my life was the week before my tenth birthday. My family took a weekend trip to the beach since it would be the last time before the weather was too cold. The hotel we stayed in was very old, one of the last bed and breakast places on the island of Ceader Key in the golf. from the moment we arrived i felt like something was wrong. rooms that were unocupied were unlocked and the key hanging on the pegbored at the end of the hall. our key was there and we retreaved it before heading to the room to unpack. when we got there it was locked but we were holding the only three keys to the room. When the door wouldn't unlock with any of the keys we went to the owner who came with a master key. when she touched the knob the door slowly creaked open. that night when we were to go to sleep i layed awake on the couch, trying to sleep. but hey, ten year olds are hyper so naturally the excitment of going to the beach for the whole weekend was too much for my mind to rest. I stared out the window. from the second floor where we were we had a clear view of the whitecap waves in the half moon light. suddenly a shape began to form infront of the door to the patio that turned into a very tall man in a long black coat. he wore a fishermans hat and it covered his eyes, but in the moonlight i could see that his clothes were torn and wet. finally able to scream, i woke my parents and he disappeared. they told me i was only dreaming and after a moment i began to believe them. it was a cloud passing in front of the moon perhaps, or i saw someone in the reflection that was maybe under the window going for a walk. but i cpuldn't shake my feeling of forboding. the next morning there was a puddle of water where the man had been standing. When asked about it the woman grew pale. "Yes" she said. "My husband stayed her some ten years ago when the hurricane sank the island. He was a fisher...a wave washed him over and when the storm cleared he was found hung from the roof. it appeared that a shark had bitten him and the waves had washed him up onto a hook where he drown."




as i said, my life has been plagued by strange things. some, like the man at the widow, were scary, but others like the one i'm about to tell you were comforting in a way. just before my grandmother started to work at the store, her, my aunt, and myself went to Savanah the first weekend of july. i had just turned fifteen and after countless things i had experienced over the years since i was old enough to walk, i had become quite interested in the paranormal so i was thrilled to go to americas second most haunted city. we took a tour of union cemitary durring the day, as it was closed and locked at night du to sacrafices being descovered. while my grandmother went off to get some rubbings i began to wander. soon i came to a lonely corner where a very old woman was sitting over a grave. the marker was too warn to see the name on it or the date but the woman seemed very sad, as if someone she knew was burried there. she wore a white cotton shirt and loose pants, something looking like 1890's pajamas but still nothing too odd. She looked up at me as i approached and i smiled at her. "How come you're so sad? isn't this a really old grave?" She nodded. "This is my grandfathers grave. i'm sad because every year since i was twelve i've put a white rose here but no one has any today. he died on july second." i found this odd as i had seen white roses just around the corner. "I saw some just around the corner. they're only a dollar, i'll go buy you one! please wait here!" She smiled kindly at me and took my hand. dispite the heat of the afternoon her hands were as cold as death. i wasn't sure how that was possible but i turned and went around the corner to the rose woman. i bought two white roses from her and headed back. when i got there she smiled and took the roses from me. "you're very kind to an old woman, thank you. let me give you something." She reached up behind her long gray hair and unhooked a silver locket which she then handed to me. "Are you sure you want to give it to me? i mean you don't even know me and it looks very old." She smiled and nodded. "I'm not going to be around for much longer and i have no children, it will just go for sale." She placed the roses in the grave and made the sign of the cross before standing. "Thank you again ma'am." she nodded and I watched as she left. the next day i put the necklace on and it felt warm. as we were walking the streets a funeral parade went by and i was shocked to watch them enter the cemetary. currious i followed them. when i saw that it was the woman i had just spoken to i took the second rose from the the grave next to hers and placed it on the casket as it was closed. the attending priest gave the final prayers and when he was done i stopped him. "Sir, i thought people stopped burrying here forty years ago. i just spoke to her yesterday and she didn't say she was going to be burried next to her grandfather." He looked at me in total shock. "I'm sorry child, but it must have been someone else that you spoke to. misses Andrews died over two weeks ago." I could only stare for a moment. "Exscuse me, but what day did she die on?" He turned to me with a confsed glance. "July second." i nodded and watched him walk away. i turned back to the freashly dug grave and smiled. "Thank you."


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